Swami B.V. Tripurari


For more information about programs at the following locations, please email audarya@swami.org


  • May to April 15th: Saragrahi, North Carolina
  • April 16th to June 15th: Audarya, California
  • June 16th to July 15: Madhuvan, Costa Rica
  • July 16th to August 7th: Audarya, California
  • August 8th to August 17th: Poland
  • August 18th to September 23rd: Audarya, California
  • September 24th: Dharma Yoga, Los Angeles, CA
  • September 25th to October 1st: Audarya, California
  • October 2nd to November 15th: Saragrahi, North Carolina
  • November 16th to December 15th: Audarya, California
  • December 16th to March 1st, 2017: Madhuvan, Costa Rica