Audarya was initially founded for the purpose of facilitating Swami Tripurari's distinct literary voice characterized by its depth of spiritual insight and contemporary sensibility. Audarya's remote twenty-acre ridgetop site amidst clusters of redwoods serves as an ideal setting for contemplative, experiential spiritual life. Through Audarya and his writing, Swami seeks to share this experience with others. From the clearing of the land to the designing and construction of the dwellings and landscaping, every physical aspect of Audarya reflects this experience, one that calls us to reflect on life's spiritual purpose and where we are in our journey to God-realization.


In Swami Tripurari's vision, Audarya addresses a spiritual necessity of our times: “The world needs serene settings where monks reside with genuine spiritual integrity—evidenced by its overflow in the form of compassion for the world around them. Let there be many such places. While far from the everyday world, they should invite its citizens to look homeward to the heart. The interior landscape of the residents of such places and the very nature of the places themselves should serve this end. They should be home knowing and inspire home going—looking inward, reaching out.”