Gaura Vijaya Mandir

Temple construction is a celebration that honors the heart of the devotee in which the temple first appears—a sharing of his or her heart with the world. Audarya is currently taking part in this celebration, as it manifests Swami Tripurari's vision for a ridgetop temple for Sri Caitanya.

Designed by Chris Human of East Bay Design and Leif Calvin of Timber Creations, it was built from the ground up by resident monks and visiting devotees. The temple has a redwood timber frame with a distinctly Asian aesthetic. The lumber was derived from three environmentally responsible sources: reclaimed redwood gathered from old logging structures, redwood logs left behind on the forest floor by loggers of the previous century, and mature trees harvested from Audarya's acreage.

The temple complex consists of a large kitchen and pantry, resident dining room, extensive redwood decking, altar, and temple. Bamboo flooring, earth-based plaster, stone, and copper adorn the interior in simple elegance, producing a design in which form meets function. A central tower extends well above the altar, beckoning one and all to go within or go without.

We are indebted to all who have helped make this dream a reality. The temple sets a historical precedent as the first temple constructed outside of India that is dedicated exclusively to the service of Sri Caitanya.

Sri Gaura Vijaya Mandir